Language issues on advertisments

I live in Switzerland but am an English speaking expat, like about 30 percent of the population here. I have my language preferences set to English (US) and Danish (my birth country) only, in that order. When I get ads served they come in French, German and English, predominantly in French. I do not understand French, but am getting paid BAT tokens to view ads in that language. I think the advertiser is wasting his money here. I can read German but same problem, the advertiser is not getting value for their money. Switzerland has three official languages, German, French and Italian. It seems Brave uses my location to determine my language prefs, and not the browser settings.

You might want to change that so browser settings takes precedence over IP# derived location when serving ads in selected languages, or your advertisers might not get their expected value for their money.

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that would be great and have a nice day :slight_smile:

@soren.fog I’m pretty sure it’s “depend” on the advertisers’s side when they set-up their campaign and providing the text for their campaign.

I mean, I’m also from non-English speaking country and I always get an ads in English (until today). Because the available ads (from that specific advertiser) is only in English.

It’s all based on my observation and some “digging”. :wink: