Lack of support in March, my question is, what should I do?

Publishers must verify ownership of their properties with Brave in order to receive contributions from Brave users. If a publisher has not verified ownership, then a user’s contributions will be held in reserve inside the browser for 90 days. The browser routinely updates an internal list of all verified publishers to determine whether a property can receive contributions. At the end of the 90 day period, any contributions marked for unverified publishers will be released back to the wallet. No funds leave the browser except to go to verified creators.:hushed:
Please help and I need some guidelines

I received support for a year. I recommended a browser with 20 people and I won’t get it. Should I try harder?

Can you elaborate more?
I’m not entirely sure about your issue.

I did not receive the support scheduled for 24.04. I went into the subject and looked for reasons.
Is it about tips I haven’t received? I was informed about the lack of funds in my wallet.:hushed::gun::skull::page_with_curl:

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