Kudos only - even on browser crash :)

Hey Brave! Please add a kudos to your tag system :slight_smile:

I am a crazy researcher and always have a million tab open. Using Brave browser really really saves my CPU. My kudos is that I literally had over 400 tabs in 3-4 windows open before I had a crash (and I think it was actually OneDrive that crashed me). Unfortunately, upon restore only two windows reopened but that means I was able to recover about 150 tabs. (Brave gave a warning that something was about to happen, and listed some pages that were causing problems, but I was in the middle of something and ignored it - lesson learned!) I used history to try to reopen recently closed tabs (2 options 89 and 49 tabs, but they only opened the tabs that were recovered automatically - I originally thought I re-opened 299 pages ;( ) Some people might be perturbed, but I think this is an amazing feat, since other browsers crash or overheat the computer with only like 30 tabs open. I’ll cross my fingers that anything important will come back to me, but I love this browser and can’t wait for the rewards system to catch up.

Just thought you should know!



Your post is very interesting to me because I too am

What I read, at top speed and synthesize, in one online session is probably far too taxing on my brain.

I wonder if that is some kind of record for a researcher :upside_down_face:? Amazing.

My online desktop is very slow, clogged - needs a wipe and a rebuild which I am not getting around to, so I wouldn’t be able to test the number of Brave tabs that I have open at one time because my system wouldn’t cope with that.
So thanks for the info of how far I could go if I had a more competent system.

  • yeah that did happen to me with Firefox.

On the topic of

because I am researching, I try to discipline myself now, to not go too far and too wide in one sitting - like walking only 15 minutes in one direction on the beach, because it’s going to take me that same 15 minutes to walk back again and the ‘there and back again’ then adds up to half an hour. I realised that I was overestimating my stamina at the huge intake of information that is possible on the internet. [I’m greedy for knowledge and for uncovering problems and finding solutions to problems and then suddenly hours have gone by and I haven’t even noticed.]

So now I try to round off, bookmark every tab systematically and then close Brave without any remaining tabs open.



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