Current tab to a new window?

Hello, I was wondering if there is a shortcut to move the current tab to a new window and I came across over a year old post asking for the same thing but wasn’t set as a Brave Feature Request and was automatically closed so I decided I’m gonna make new post as a request. In my opinion it is a great feature that would speed up a lot of people’s workflow and that we are missing. (sure you can do that with a mouse but meh… touching a mouse… its unreliable and we also already have shortcuts for opening a new tab and stuff) Original post was suggesting ctrl + right arrow but personally I think something like ctrl + alt + n would fit better.
Here is a link to the original post: Keyboard shortcut to move current tab to new Window

Either a commander or a shortcut.
Some stuff is not implemented as a shortcut because no UI to tell ‘where to put the the tab’ while you can do it in the commander (address bar) or by right clicking in the tab.

Go to brave://settings/system/shortcuts and search for it and assign it.

Also for quick commands enable brave://flags/#quick-commands and press ctrl+space or type :> in addressbar and do it that way as well, where you can select which window, since there is a way to specify that if you wan to move it to a specific window.

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Okay, first of all that was quick af xd and second thank you so much… somehow I didnt notice it was actually there waiting for me to set it. Now it does exactly what I needed it to do, so thanks again! :smiley:

I think quick commands are nicer, especially since they added them to the address bar. They can do more and do more than shortcuts for what I said, specifying shortcuts is always boring, but at least now it warns you if some other shortcut has the same one you are trying to bind.