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Hello, I opened Brave yesterday for my daily session and was asked to enter my keychain password.
I thought this might be a ploy to gain access to my browser, and besides, I don’t have a note of my keychain password, only my seed words, so I clicked on ‘Deny’.

Wnen I entered my bookmarked sites, my passwords were all missing. I checked my setting and found all my passwords had gone…(home for Christmas??)

So, after going round and round in circles for several hours (which I could have used to reassign my lost passwords with each site) I am totally lost. I can’t find where to access my ‘keychain password’ anywhere.

This is an ongoing issue, I need to have access to my keychain password.

Can you point me in the direction where I can find it

I’m using version 1.18.75 Chromium on my MacBook Air 2017 OSX10.15.7

Thank you for your time.
Ken Christie.

Hello, Mr. Christie. Your Keychain password is likely the same password you use to log into your MacBook. Regarding the prompt, it’s a legitimate (authentic) prompt from the OS. Please see this Tweet:

In order for Brave to access and store sensitive information (e.g. passwords), access to the Brave Safe Storage is required. Ideally you wouldn’t see these prompts very often (once every few years), but a recent certificate change (the “signature” authenticating our software) resulted in the need for explicit user consent. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hi Sampson,
It’s Ken.
Thank you for replying to my query so promptly and … it worked. You were right, my MacBook password is the same password and I’m now in and rolling.

Ken Christie.


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