Brave forgets password settings

As I use Bitwarden for password management I turned off “offer to save passwords” in the Brave settings. The next day, this setting turns itself back on and Brave offers to save passwords again. This has been constant for the past 3 months.

I have tried:

rebooting Mac OS
Closing & restarting Brave Browser
resetting Brave to default
uninstalling & reinstalling Brave

Note … I have Brave installed on another Mac and it doesn’t have this issue

How can this issue be reproduced?
Every day I turn off this setting only to find it re-enabled again.

Now I’m wondering if there is some privacy setting on this MAC that is causing this?

Thank you for reaching out. I’m wondering if you have any other extensions installed in the browser at this time? Additionally, if you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData and go to the On exit tab – do you see any items on this list checked?

I tried removing all extensions, but the problem continued. I also checked the clear Browser Data on exit tab - nothing is checked there

Lets try manually granting Brave access to your macOS keychain in case for some reason it was never granted or accidentally revoked on your macOS:

  1. Open Keychain Access
  2. Search Brave Safe Storage
  3. Double-click the entry found, click on Access Control tab
  4. Press the + button in the bottom-left corner, and find Brave Browser in your /Applications directory
  5. Upon seeing Brave Browser added to the list, click Save Changes and enter your password 6. Re-launch Brave

OK, thank you. I have changed the keychain setting and I will see if that helps

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I was so hopeful, but today the settings reverted again
Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 8.57.58 pm

any other suggestions?

It’s interesting that this occurs on my iMac. I also have a Macbook Pro laptop and Brave works fine.

Apologies for the late reply. I’m curious, when you added the browser to the keychain manually, did you by chance see two instances of Brave listed here (after adding yours)? Or just the one you added?

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 9.09.59 am

This is what I see in the keychain access

The above are screenshots of keychain access

The above are screenshots of keychain access, is there an error in there?

any suggestions? (if I don’t reply this thread will close and I will never get an answer to my question)

As advised the settings revert. Sometimes this occurs daily, sometimes after a few days. So frustrating

maybe your current profile is corrupted.
try creating a new profile.

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