Keyboard shortcut to anchor and cast off (unanchor) tabs

Consider adding a keyboard shortcut to anchor or cast off tabs to or from windows.

I organize my desktop by keeping related tabs together in disparate windows. If I have six tabs in a widow and want to split one of those six tabs into the start of its own window, I have to use the mouse to click and drag the tab to split it away from its window. How nice it would be to have an Alt-spacebar-C keyboard command to accomplish that split without having to touch the mouse.

Anchoring? If I have a single tab in a window—in front of a second window behind it—and if I want to collapse the single tab into the window behind it, how nice it would be to have an Alt-spacebar-A keyboard command to accomplish that merge without having to touch the mouse.

Yes, I understand the implications of the similarities between using “A” and “C” when “select all” and “copy” use the same keys. That’s a valid and complex discussion all its own.

Also, I understand that this request might also need to be made, rather than a browser request, but rather an OS request, based on how the hierarchical menu that drives the tab manipulation appears following the Alt-spacebar trigger, which looks like it’s an OS feature, and not a browser feature.

Warm regards. (Please consider adding the “tabs” tag to the tag list, above. TYVM.)