Space above tabs not adequate

I use many monitors and often go from split screen to whole screen with many windows (usually browsers not always.)

To go from a full screen to a window’s split screen you have to grab the menu bar. If you have many tabs open the ‘naked’ space for where your mouse pointer needs to land/hover over shrinks relative to # of tabs.

In some browsers, the space above each tab can be ‘grabbed’ by mouse pointer to move entire window without popping out the tab from that window to ‘open in new window’

Please is there a ‘hot-key’ or other solution to resolve my constant opening tabs into new windows problem when what I’m trying to accomplish is sticking the entire window to the side for side by side split screen.

It’s a silly problem to have to accurately place the mouse pointer, with a small few mm of gap it would resolve my issue, but I’m open to other solutions?


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