Tab dragging all except selected

I often find myself in need to split the browser on both of my monitors by dragging a tab from the window on screen 1 to screen 2, thus creating a new window for the selected tab on the other screen. But I often want to keep the tab i want to split on the same screen it is currently and move all other tabs on the other screen. To do that now i would have to drag a tab move it on the second screen then it will maximize, i’ll have to move it away again, drag the first window on the second screen move the new window on the first screen. Those are too many steps for such simple thing like splitting a tab from a window. I suggest introducing a new feature where you can hold Shift or something and drag a tab, but instead you will drag a new window with all the tabs except the one you’ve selected. By that you will have basically the same thing but you will have the window with more tabs on your mouse while dragging, and the split tab on the screen it used to be at the begining.