Kaspersky Internet Security Problem

So I started using Brave Browser recently on my phone (Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite) and my Kaspersky Internet Security App says the following (screenshot)

, is there a way to make Kaspersky Internet Security work on Brave Browser??

Sincerely, Hara

Hi, at the moment Kaspersky seems to only support large/known browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

@mattches can certainly say something about this, but you can also take initiative and send a message to Kaspersky Support that they should also support Brave :slight_smile:


Mhmm I see
Thanks for the help , I already sent one some hours ago.

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Judging by the error message, Kaspersky isn’t actually conflicting with Brave (as it has done in the past on Desktop), but it’s throwing the error because it’s unable to access Brave likely because we don’t allow mobile extensions at this time.

That said, you might try adjusting the whitelist settings in Kaspersky as there may be a way to let the AV scan through even if the Kaspersky add-on/extension isn’t detected.

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Ah I see thx for the help

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