When will i be able to use extensions in the mobile browser?

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There is no issue in particular but as a user of brave browser i feel little restricted as there is no support for extensions on the mobile browser. For eg. In firefox browser available on Google play store have the features to add extensions for dark mode, ads block etc. I hope that maybe developers can add that extension features so that i can also directly integrate VPN service or maybe like dark mode and ad block or password manager (bit warden).
Although its been a very nice and smooth experience using Brave browser its very much stable and very less crashes as compared to firefox

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Moto Z2 Play
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I also want to know about this thanks for asking. But, seems like devs does not really looks theese forums. Thats why i don’t like to use community based support channels at all. Because, they does not help. I hope somone of officiales will answer. If this is like that i don’t want to use brave services. Because i can’t get clear supoort.

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Hello @_BUZZ @harshsahu onyl when google allow it for their android version of chrome

brave is based on chrome and all those extension come from chrome web store so once google allowed it for their android then brave and all chromium will follow

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Now thats means: Will we be able to see this feature in Brave in future ?

Thats cool then.

no i mean that depend on chrome so if chrome allow extension for it’s android version then brave will follow so it depend on google not brave

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Ah, i understand now. Thanks for reply !

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@_BUZZ you very welcome :slight_smile:

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That would be awesome! Let’s hope the chrome devs add that support in the near future. Mozilla has this support in the mobile browser

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