Brave not supported by antivirus apps

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I’m not sure if this is the best forum but here goes anyways. I’ve checked out a whole bunch of different security suites & none of them support Brave. They’ll support Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, even Samsung but nothing for Brave. Are you guys planning on changing this situation anytime soon by proactively contacting these security companies like; Avast, McAfee, Total AV, AVG etc etc & trying to work with them to fix this? Thanks.
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Is your antivirus software blocking Brave on your mobile?

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No it’s not blocking the browser. I’m just trialling many different security apps out of interest, and when you look at what specific browsers they are designed to support they may support Google, Opera mini, Firefox etc but none of them lists Brave. I just thought it would be smart of Brave to proactively contact all the major security software providers & say they are an up & coming new browser that is quickly gaining major popularity & they would be most happy to be of any assistance if they would consider providing specific support in their security app for Brave Browser. This is a win-win situation for both parties! As Brave gets more & more popular the security apps that offer specific integration of Brave into their security app would have an additional selling point over their business rivals that don’t! Thank you.

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