Just Curious.. Brave Browser Changing Location?

I was logging in to my icloud on the Brave browser and on my phone pops up that an Apple ID Sign In is requested and that it’s being used to sign in on the web near El Segundo, CA. The issue is that though I’m sure this is me… I don’t live anywhere close to California. I’m in the southeast.

My only explanation is that the browser is changing something?


Hi @cultleader, Welcome to Community!
Are you using a VPN?
Or using a Private window?

This just happened to me too. I am 325 miles adrift with my location. Yesterday was fine, today my location has changed. Really puzzled.

Thank you!
Neither! I don’t use a VPN and at the time I wasn’t using a private window. Eventually, though I was worried maybe someone actually was trying to do something, I caved and approved and it gave me the code I needed to access my icloud so it was in fact me.
The location really through me off.

So I’m not alone! Yeah, no, I felt really uneasy when it came to decide to approve it or not. Had me feeling a bit less secure lmao

Hi @cultleader,
Apologies for the late reply.
So it looks like there is a known issue in regards to location accuracy and there should be fixes on the way.
Please see this topic:

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