JavaScript not working

I’m having an issue with every website I go to in Brave for Windows I get blocking kicking in. I’ve only had this problem on Windows, the Mac and Android version work.

Can you elaborate more? Brave version, a screenshot of the message, example site/s, your global shield settings*, etc will be really helpful.


It’s more of a general issue. I just noticed it recently because I started using my old Mac because my current computer (the Windows device) isn’t working. But on the Windows computer it’s been using substantially more resources for long enough that I don’t remember when it started.

Actually I was just checking it wrong. Processes are listed differently between the two platforms. Ends up that they are roughly equal. But one thing, on both systems Brave runs a process called “GPU” on the CPU and that process seems to take between a quarter and half of the CPU usage coming from Brave.

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