JavaScript Brave active after installation?

I installed BRAVE and realized that after installing on site settings he kept JAVASCRIPT ENABLED? Why? another question I want to leave is, why didn’t BRAVE add a DNS OF ITS OWN to avoid MINTM or MIDDLE MAN?
Another question is, why are GOOGLE services active in BRAVE? The browser does not advocate a FREE INTERNET?

Instalei o BRAVE e percebi que após a instalação em configurações de sites ele manteve o JAVASCRIPT HABILITADO? Por que? outra pergunta que quero deixar é, por que o BRAVE não adicionou um DNS PRÓPRIO para evitar o MINTM ou HOMEM DO MEIO ?
Outra dúvida é, por que serviços GOOGLE estão ativos no BRAVE? O navegador não defende uma INTERNET LIVRE?

We’re just a web browser, I would expect Javascript to work out of the box for the sake of web compatibility. DNS is optional, brave://settings/security. If not enabled, it’ll just use your system DNS (or VPN’s DNS).

Imagine disabling google services out right, no gmail or google search. I can’t imagine the amount of complaints. You can disable google services on 3rd-party sites via brave://settings/socialBlocking

Javascript failures allow you to change and include scripts in program code, why not block it from BRAVE once and for all to improve user security? In another detail, people no longer perceive JAVASCRIPT as much as FLASH included in operating systems around the world, significantly increasing DATA SECURITY issues. Opening doors to REDIRECT.

I believe you know that MAN IN THE MIDDLE uses precisely the security flaw to exchange DNS and elude the INFECTED. It’s important to point out that.

No script extension would the preference for some people, but is not for everyone. Even myself found it very annoying and it broke too much.

Last thing we want is to make the Brave experience more annoying (especially for less technical people).

We use the default is your system DNS (like every other browser). But give you options for DNS in brave://settings/security if you wish to change the defaults.

I believe it is extremely important for brave users’ security, put BRAVE update option for the user to choose whether or not he wants to update atomatically, disable all google services, create a private DNS checker synchronized by BRAVE to discover and warn possible DNS REDIRECTION. That’s how brave becomes safer.

Why doesn’t search BRAVE search duckduckgo?

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