Jan Payouts for ad or I will be uninstalling brave browser

@steeven if i don’t get my payouts for jan or any answer why i’m not receiving my payment, I will be uninstalling brave browser


I’m serious i will be uninstalling brave, that was the whole reason why i install brave browser

I agree that cryptocurrency-based things should be unimpeachably reliable. I also agree that content creators should be paid, and crypto should make that easy. But getting paid for viewing ads? Not for me, thanks. In fact, this household dislikes them so much that a network-level adblocker was installed, partially because not every user is on brave (there’s a chrome holdout…), but also partially because brave basically effectively kills what sneaks through that line of defence. And is as
snappy as a bullwhip, both on my “basic” 50/10 dsl network and mobile 4g data.

So you don’t get paid? Turn BAT functionality off. That’s what to “leave”. I guarantee your experience will improve.

Or go like you threaten. Good luck, and thanks for taking your dissatisfaction and the noise associated with it elsewhere.

Same Problem Here
Nov = Payout … ok
DES = No Payout… Reward Removed from dashboard back to Zero
JAN = No Payout

Right Now I Make My Self comfort to Microsoft Edge
If Still No Pay Out I Will UNINSTALL BRAVE From All Devices

I Click Ads
You Get $$

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