It's been 2 years and still no new regions added

2 years and no new regions added. Is that it? Is that all the regions Brave Search is going to support? Can someone from the team give us some answers?

Can you be more specific about what it is you’re asking? Do you mean regions in which users can use Brave Search?

No, I don’t mean that. I mean specific results based on your region. Ireland, Croatia, Greece, Hungary and many more. At least add Greece so I don’t have to use the shitty duckduckgo anymore.

You’re not going to answer? Is it in the works? Do you guys even care? Or you’re just going to ghost me?

Patience…he responded on Friday. They don’t work on weekends or American holidays. So you responded 2 days ago, on Sunday. This is a day he wouldn’t be working. Then yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr day, so a holiday where nobody was working.

This means you haven’t even given him a single day to respond. And usually he is more Pacific time, meaning even as I’m responding to you, it would only be 6:55 AM. Businesses open around 9am here in the United States in general. Give him time to reach out to ask questions of people on the Search team if necessary, but also to be able to get to work, read your reply, and get back to you in general.

I understand now, apologies for the confusion.

I can say confidently that yes, more regions will be available in future releases but I don’t have more more information for you at this time than that. I have however asked our Search team to see if they have anything they can share regarding this work.

Thank you


He responded within hours on my first response so I thought that was going to be the wait time. Didn’t know about the USA off days I’m not from there obviously. My bad.


I agree Stav,

I just switched back to duckduckgo because it was giving me results for Walmart instead of local Australian shops. I bought something not realising it was USD and got slammed at the bank. yuck. even when I go into search tools and manually change it to results from Australia, I get USA results. it’s one of the reasons I stopped using google. It’s gross and it needs to be fixed

At least your country is included, mine doesn’t even exist. I’ve been using brave search for 2 years and Greece is still NOT included, so I am forced to get used to the dogshit bing search results from duckduckgo.

at MOST my country is on the list. It doesn’t actually work, I too get the dogshit Bing search results from Duckduckgo because all the results are US centric, even when I select my country. Its absolute nonsense