Regions for Brave browser search engine: Ireland


I love the Brave browser, but I don’t find it very accurate: it doesn’t lead me where I want to go.

I cannot click on ‘Ireland’ as a search region as it is not in the list, so the nearest I can get is ‘United Kingdom’ - which makes the Brave search engine about 100 years out of date. And inaccurate.

AS it is if I want to finetune the accuracy I have to go to - which I’m trying to get away from, but it is currently more accurate than the Brave search engine.

Please when are you adding Ireland as a region to the search engine?

Note that Ireland and Malta are the only English speaking regions in the EU now, and many tech headquarters are in Ireland.

You need to move it up.

@Derrygeel nobody has a timeline. They are adding regions as quick as they can. Unfortunately they have a team of less than 10 people working on everything related to Search. From what I’ve seen with Brave, I wouldn’t expect it any time soon. So expect it to be more than a year from now and then just be “pleasantly surprised” if they manage to add before then.

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