Brave Search Romania as region

Hello, first of all sorry if this is not how to make a feature request, I am new here.
I wanted to ask if Romania is coming anytime soon as a region for Brave Search? Duckduckgo and other private search engines have it.


@anon77220458 Brave Search is still in its infancy and will be growing to expand regions and other content. I am positive that Romani will be added.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone will have an answer for you. They are in the midst of a lot of big changes, including where they stopped all API to Bing for image searches, going completely independent. There’s a lot of work being done and there is no timeline that can be given for when things will happen.

Only thing I know can be asked is that you be patient and look forward to when they do get it added.

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Thank you for the answer! I know the Brave team still has a lot of work to do for the images and videos index, but I was just wondering if they have at least planned to rollout Brave Search to more regions, including mine.