Region Identification from device region settings

Search via Brave Search Bar:

Version 1.51.118 Chromium: 113.0.5672.126 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Win 11
Is there a way of instructing Brave to search to a Region (Australia), or can Brave identify the region set on the device?
All sites generated are generally all in the US of A. Whilst not a tragedy, when searching for personal items, computer parts etc, the prices are killed by freight.
Far more efficient for me.
Even if I add Australia to the search it still (in the main) lists US sites

@Fence Have you tried changing the region settings on the site itself?

So you see where I circled United States? If you click there, it opens up a list of different countries. So you should be able to select Australia and all.

If you have it selected locally, such as to Australia, and you get primarily USA results, then I’d suggest you click on Feedback and submit the feedback so the Search team can try to look into it.

The feedback button is as you can see circled with many arrows pointing at it in the screenshot below:

Try to search in this way, “laptop prices in Australia” I think this will help you in getting the best results. Whenever I have to hire a team for my birthday decor then I search in this way and boom I have the results that I wish to be. :grinning:

Would that work the same with specific entertainment? Like Netflix or BINGE? I’ve been trying to watch a show on Netflix that is only available in America. I’m from Australia, and I previously could watch it when I changed the region to America, but now it comes up with the same message: “This show isn’t available in your country”.

Hi Saoiray,
Worked a treat.
Thanks for your help