Issues with gmail not sizing correctly with vertical tabs?

Is anyone else seeing clipping on the right side of the gmail display?

I am using the Mac version of Brave with Vertical tabs.
Version 1.59.122 Chromium: 118.0.5993.96 (Official Build (arm64)

When I visit Gmail, the right side of the screen is clipped, and I have to move it back and forth. The clipping seems to be the width of the vertical tabs.

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you share a screenshot of how it appears on your end so I can take a closer look?

Thank you

Can you please try logging into gmail using a Private browsing window and test this behavior there as well and tell me if the issue is still present?

it looks like it works fine in a private window. I gather you think I have an extension conflict of some kind?

BTW - I just noticed that it works fine today. Maybe Google changed something.

  • can we close this thread??

Yes — I was thinking it was an extension causing the issue. If it’s working fine now with all extensions installed then yes it might have been a gmail issue.

Happy to close this thread but I’d prefer to leave it open for a bit in case the issue reappears.