Improper Email Display of text

I have been using Brave for at least 18 months and maybe longer. I am on a Mac using OS BigSur ver 11.15.1 on a MacBook Air M1 2020, Brave ver 1.27.108. I am using Gmail.

The issue is, many of my emails that are text-only are displayed in a long vertical single line of letters that are unreadable. If I open the same email in Safari I see a properly formatted paragraph display.

Previously I was using an iMac. I have been having this issue for a long time.
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Description of the issue:
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Brave Version( check About Brave):. 1.27.108

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Can you please share a screenshot of the email as you’re seeing it on your end?

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Do you by chance have the Speedreader feature enabled? The lines that appear next to the bookmarks icon will be orange if so:


Not that I see, perhaps I am not looking in the right place. can you send a screenshot with an arrow pointing to the spot?

If on, these three lines will be orange.

No, nothing orange or red showing, as a matter of fact, the lines are not even showing.

Can you tell me if you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? If so, can you please try disabling them and then testing to see if you get the same behavior?

I disabled them one by one with no effect.

Notice how this one starts out being displayed properly

To be honest, I’ve never seen this type of issue before, it’s quite strange. I’m curious if you can test the following two cases:

  1. Go to your email in a Private browsing window and test to see if you get the same results there.
  2. Create a new temp. browser profile, login to your email and test to see how it displays there.

I will reach out to some team members for additional information in the interim.

I did open. a private window and that particular email read as it should. I then went to a different Gmail address that I have and it read as it should there,

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