Issues with Brave payments not done properly since November 2020 payouts


Since November 2020 I have huge delta (95%) between BAT earned and BAT payouts on uphold. I have tried connecting via MP with your support staff but the issue keeps going on and accumulating since November 2020.

At this point in time, this is 3 monthly payout issues in a row.

PS: side question, can we get payouts to another platform? Uphold withdrawal fees are extortionate.

Many thanks in advance for your support,

Side question: Gemini Trust if you’re a Creator. Apart from that Uphold is the only payment option.


Thank you for that! I am a creator (French youtuber :slight_smile: ) but how do I link Brave to Gemini? This would be a great thing actually!!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Gemini exchange is not yet available in France Gemini Areas of Availability.

Although if your a citizen of another European country that may get you there. You’ll have to sign up, complete KYC, wait for approval, then link your Brave Creators account to the Gemini exchange.

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Hi @CitizenX, thanks for porting. We have an active issue around BAT not porting to Uphold that the devs are currently investigating. Hoping to have a concrete follow up answer for you soon.

Hi @steeven, wanted to report that porting BAT to Gemini seems to have the same issue as people including myself received 5% partial payouts of the expected monthly total. However If it gets resolved prior to February’s payout, happy to wait.

Hi @sphyber, can you DM the email linked to your account? Thanks in advance.

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