Issue on Quickbooks



How are you?

Ok, so I think this is their login URL -

And once inside under the gear settings icon you can go to SmartLook which is like Teamviewer. It’s the first time I went there b/c I didn’t know about it before, but even when I used their other option which is it also never gives me the code which should automatically popup after you download the .exe file.

So ack to SmartLook, as you can see, the popup has no code.

I turned off shields & it still didn’t work. I tried it on Chrome & it worked. (this is what you are supposed to see. It’s from Chrome)


Hi again,

This also happened on Kaspersky’s site, but I can’t test it on Chrome b/c it was after I created a support ticket.

Here’s a SS -


Hi, which other filter subs do you have enabled in brave://adblock?