Is using Brave / BAT bad for the environment?

Hey there,

it is now commonly known, that cryptocurrencies use A LOT of energy which is bad for the environment.
I’m not really sure how this whole BAT thing works, but I’m concerned that I hurt the environment when I use Brave although I like the other features like ad blocking and the TOR windows.
Is my fear justified or am I wrong about this?

Thanks for reaching out!
To be honest, this is kind of a strange question to answer! I think the short of it is: no, Brave/BAT is not bad for the environment.
Without digging too deep into it (unless you’d like to, in which case let me know and we can dig away), BAT is not it’s own blockchain – BAT transactions are contained in Ethereum blocks.

The article you linked to argues that the rise of crypto is correlated with a rise in power consumption. While this may be the case, the energy consumed by Ethereum would be the same whether or not BAT exists.

In addition, Ethereum will be switching to a Proof of Stake model, which should eliminate any energy consumption concerns one might have.

Please let me know if any of the above is unclear.

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