Is Uphold gonna be removed from offering wallet services

Hello, I had the same problem and I spent more than months to find out that the vpn option in Brave is activated, to solve it just disable the vpn option that will work your uphold wallet in brave, I am attaching an image of the option in the browser

I’m sorry, I said it wrong when I said to disable the vpn, the correct thing is to disable Tor


Aqui resolveu o problema de conexão com a Uphold, mas os BAT que estavam acumulados no Brave simplesmente sumiram e não foram mandados para a Uphold.:joy::sob:

Have you tried using a VPN?

For this problem solution watch this

I have recovered my uphold from this method of mailing.

Yeah @AndBat you’re right … why Isn’t Brave Team involved in this … This is a scam … Brave guys are really causing suspicions

bro can you check this ? Is the same thing happened to you

Yes it did happened to me but apparently i got my account back so i don’t know just wait and hopefully you’ll get your account back too

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