Is this True? - Brave whitelisted cerrtain domains?

I love Brave…adn the reason it was created… however is the following below TRUE?

Brave browser blocks all ads, requests, and third-party cookies by default too and uses both NoScript (not on by default upon installation) and HTTPS Everywhere. For a browser that sells privacy and security**,

Brave dev team caused quite a controversy when they decided to whitelist certain domains including Facebook ad tracking URLs.

Following a Twitter uproar, they were forced to release a statement yet the update was not reversed.

In fact, they went on to add a Twitter URL to the whitelist. The whitelist is hard coded and users cannot edit it.

Brave Browser Vs Tor 4

Firefox does a better job and offers more privacy and security options to users, and hence more control. For one, Firefox uses its certificate trust chain instead of the OS you are using and two, you can configure the proxy settings. Brave Browser could have done something similar. On the plus side, Brave disables Google account and sync services disallowing them to track you.

Just to let you know, some sites will break if you block too much or certain items of a site. It can be a really fine line between making adblocking work well vs making sites not act up because of it. Whitelisting is one tool than can be used to get around some website bugs due to adblocking.

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