Facebook, Twitter security exception

Has this been fixed yet?! Rhetorical question, because it doesn’t seem so. This would be in known issues, but you can’t post there as a new account, and I lost the credentials to the first account I used to ask about this months ago.

How has this not been addressed yet? I bet I know! there hasn’t been enough of a stink to push it. yeah the memory hole sure does work well sometimes. When a company can promise a fix on the horizon long enough for users to forget. Maybe we just need somebody dedicated to stir the pot. AS IF A FEW LINES OF CODE IS SO MUCH TO ASK. It’s been nearly a year since this was implemented, and nearly half a year when Brave was called out on it. Secure Web browser my ass. Brave keeps allowing facebook and twitter passes around the security and act like it’s some minor issue. Make it an option already.

Looking at the dates, it was the 1st two weeks of Feb, so it’s been 3 months since being called out. Guess I am over exaggerating the time frame, but not as much as Brave is under exaggerating the issue.

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