Is there no convenient way to access synchronized tabs?

I decided to try out brave and one feature that I heavily rely on is syncing my opened tabs across three devices. I set up the sync and it works as expected so far. No issues here.

My question is how to easily access the tabs from my ipad on my desktop machine. The browsers that I’ve used before brave just let me click a button on the toolbar to access them. Brave on mobile also has a menu for that. When you hit the tab button in the bottom you can switch your view to the tabs from other devices. Just like how I expect it to be.

On Desktop however there seems to be no easy way to find the tabs from my other devices. The only way i can find is to the menu in the top right, and then open the slide for history. Then all the way in the bottom there are my tabs from my other devices. This is not straight forward at all buried multiple levels deep in a menu.

Is there an easier way to quickly access those tabs? Am I missing something. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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@honk it exists in History. Two places:

  1. From your hamburger menu, such as you see below it shows tabs in my browser but then it also shows open tab in my iPhone:

  1. Actually in History, there’s a Tabs from other devices, which you can see on the left side:

This is the only way to do from Desktop.

On Android, you have to go to hamburger menuRecent Tabs to see lists. In other words, it differs on all devices. But yes, iOS/iPad version is the best in terms of viewing open tabs.