Sync never worked

Sync never worked for me. I use Brave on a mac and iphone. Mac Brave never showed any iphone tab. The feature is, as far as I can tell, completely broken. In have tried redoing it from scratch several times. Never worked. I don’t even see where I can possibly see iphone tabs on the mac app.


On iPhone, you find open tabs on your tab switcher page. Let me show screenshot below.

So the little square box you use top change tabs has two little things, as you can see on the top. The left side is open tabs on the device. Then the right side, which I have selected in this screenshot, is tabs open on other device.

On Desktop, you find open tabs in History:

So when you go to brave://history/, you’ll see the menu below on the left hand side:


Click on Tabs from other devices and it will load to show open tabs:


Keep in mind both devices must have the option to share open tabs in order for it to be synced. For example, it won’t work if only enabled on Desktop but not iPhone.


Also, it won’t show necessarily instantly. It checks for updates ever so often. It can take up to 5 minutes to appear, though they have been trying to improve and have it trigger as we perform actions.

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