Is there a way to clone 'all tabs in a window'?

Is there a way to clone ‘all tabs in a window’ – i.e., in effect creating a ‘duplicate window’?

I would find this useful for a number of reasons, including:

• to preserve tabs in a Private Window through a system reset (following which I’d copy the tabs, now in a regular window, back to a Private Window).

Other uses:

• Do the same as above re the Private window, but in this case just to better distinguish the tabs, and especially to easily locate the tab with focus (quite difficult on my MacBook Pro screen when in a Private window with many tabs).

• Quickly create two windows out of one that has too many tabs, by sectioning, e.g., half of the tabs & moving those to the cloned window (then deleting any unwanted duplicates in that window).

etc. etc.

Hi @mk7z,

You can adding an extension to get this functionality!

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Hi @Aa-ron,

I’ve taken a quick look at Cluster at the Chrome Store.

Didn’t see a ‘duplicate window’ feature, but it definitely looks interesting anyway, so thanks for the heads up!

If you right click on a tab you will see a duplicate option. If you select multiple tabs (using command or shift) you can duplicate them all at once.

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Thanks. It had occurred to me later (after my post) that that was probably how it would be done.

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