Copy the URL's of every tab in current or all window(s) with a single click

Apparently just added in Firefox.

Useful in numerous ways, including backup.

One more type of ‘snapshot’ to prevent data loss & workflow interruption (or destruction).


That’s a pretty cool extension. I’m sure there are extensions on the Chrome web store that perform this function as well. Additionally, while not exactly the same, you can bookmark all tabs at once by right-clicking on a tab and selecting the option from the context menu:

@Mattches Thanks. I think it’s preferable for useful functions to be built into the browser whenever possible. Extensions also add potential conflicts and have security risks that built-in options wouldn’t (or shouldn’t).

Isn’t the option you refer to only for the tabs in the current window (i.e., not all windows)?

Also, I meant to draw a distinction between saving tabs as ‘bookmarks’ and saving their ‘URLs’ in an easily referenced format. To see the URL’s for saved bookmarks involves extra steps (opening the Bookmark Manager and clicking on the bookmark to display the URL) and doesn’t provide them in a global format or in a list as this extension appears to.