"Move Tab to New Window" -- can multiple tabs be moved to a new window as a group?

I selected a group of tabs and then right-clicked on one of them to activate the context menu’s “Move Tab to New Window” option.

When I then clicked on that option only the current tab was moved.

Can multiple tabs be selected and moved with that option?

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@mattches No replies to date so I’m @-ing you to see whether you know.

Seems that if multiple tabs❄ can be ‘selected,’ then selecting the option to ‘Move Tab to New Window’ should operate on all of them.

But maybe not.

:snowflake: Cmd-Tab selects individual tabs consecutively to create a ‘group.’
Shift–Tab selects all tabs between tab with current focus and the selected tab.


Brave Release
Mac OS Mojave

Interestingly enough, I’m able to do this without issue – further, I had no idea you can do this. But if you observe the short recording here, you can see me using shift + click to select muiltiple tabs, then drag them into their own new window:


Thanks, I’m not sure why it didn’t work when I tried it prior to the original post (which is why I posted back in May). At the time it appeared that only one tab had been moved (either the first or last tab selected, I don’t recall which). I guess I should have tried it again. :wink:

That said, when I first raised this feature (long ago) the intent was to be able to select the destination window. Most of the time, when I want to move tabs, it’s to an existing window, not to a new one.

How hard would it be to add that?

Thanks again for the quick reply.

I’m not sure I see the point – when you have a window you want to drag 1 (or more) tabs into, simply drag those tabs into the tab bar area in the desired window. Test it with one tab first by creating a new window, then pull a tab into it. Then try it with multiple.

@mattches I recall that you liked my idea when I originally presented it. Looks like times have changed. :wink:

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re referring to, I’d have to already have the destination window open as a second window.

That’s a lot more work than being able to just right-click on one of a group of selected tabs in the current window and select the destination window for the ‘move’ from a pop-up of all currently-open windows.

I also personally avoid ‘dragging’ when a menu option for the same action is available, since I find dragging to be temperamental (or maybe it’s my hand that’s temperamental). If I’m not really careful even when just trying to slide a tab into a different position in the same window, I often end up with it in a new window instead.

Doesn’t get a whole lot simpler than this

@mattches You have to resize or move the current window and you also have to open the destination window.

The method I suggested lets you move items without having to do either: no need to open other windows or resize (or move) the current window.

For a single operation the difference may not be that significant. But would you want to keep repeating opening and closing other windows if you had a series of tabs you wanted moved to different windows?

In my case relocating tabs to other windows is something I do often, in part because various extensions or features inherent to apps end up opening tabs in a different window than where I want them.

The method I recommended also lets you open a lot of unrelated tabs in the current window and then, without breaking much of your workflow, send them to the windows where you actually want them to be – again, without having to open any of them.

These seem like worthwhile advantages to me.

@mattches . . . Another way to look at it:

When you want to move a file to another location than its current one (i.e., to a different folder/directory), you can do it through a file selector dialog box or you can drag-&-drop the filename.

The first option allows you to do it quickly, without opening a second window. The second option doesn’t. (The first option also avoids any need to find the destination window in order to open it – which can itself be a problem if you have many windows open – and which you have to do for drag-&-drop.)

My recommendation was that browser tabs (specifically, Brave’s) have the same options for being moved between windows.

@mattches Also, as another example:

If I have a Google Docs document open that I want to copy to a tab in another already-open window (rather than duplicating it in the current window), a copy-&-move is more straightforward when done via a file selector dialog than having to open the other window (especially when you don’t plan to do anything with the copy right away).

Google Docs (primarily a web app) gives one the option to put the copy in a specific Google Drive location (folder), but not to put it in another browser window than the current one – which has always seemed odd to me.

Brave can cure that limitation!! (though not for GDocs tabs, because GDrive controls the operation)

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