Is the Brave Wallet and the Brave Rewards Wallet connected?

Just as the title said, are the Brave Rewards Wallet and the Brave Wallet connected?

Also, if i were to reset my brave wallet, does that mean my old wallet is gone and cant be used by anyone any longer?

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would be happy to read the asnwers as well :wink:
this new wallet is a good surprise for me but I dont understand its particularuty and potential advantages with the BATs we are collecting

Brave Rewards and the new Brave Wallet are completely not connected.

The old wallet that we had that Brave Wallet replaces was called Crypto Wallets. You can still get to it in brave://settings/wallet if you need to, but it’s best to stay on the new Brave Wallet.

What does existing crypto wallets detected mean?


If you don’t remember creating a wallet just click to get started then use the link at the bottom to create a new wallet. More info here: