Is Brave wallet sharing ip addresses with nodes it interacts with?


I am wondering how brave wallet is interacting with nodes? What I am thinking of… does it send an ip address to nodes?

Lately I started using a wallet with Privacy Proxy which hides your ip address before sending a transaction to a node. This is nice privacy feature which I would assume brave has. Does it?

Or maybe it is just marketing when it comes to hiding your ip?


We use a proxy to shield user IP addresses and HTTP headers, for most third-party services, and not just for interacting with blockchain nodes. See our official communication on this topic:


Thanks! Good to hear that. I already jumped back to brave wallet. It seems that the new one finally works for me. The looks of it is just a matter getting used to (I am not a fan :slight_smile: ).

One last question. I haven’t used Tornado yet. Other wallets block it by default. What about brave?

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Unfortunately I praised the wallet too soon. After half day using it it stopped to recognise my ledger. Additionally there is no activity tab? That was pretty useful.

It is still better than couple of months ago but still not usable. I like built in portfolio and swap. I love privacy features. And it is built in to the browser. Plus it seems faster than metamask for me.

Main issue is that it does not work :frowning:

Maybe next month.

@piatas can you elaborate a bit more on the issue you are having with your ledger ?

On the activity tab, what would you like to see here ? I don’t disagree with you, I would just like to ensure we have all the requirements documented. We also have a transaction history with each accounts. It’s now at the bottom of your accounts page, but we have designs to have that more accessible.

Thanks for the feedback btw!

Ok, lets give it another try. Maybe I was too emotional. I am using brave everywhere I can. Brave wallet (deprecated one) was my very first evm wallet. It was working flawlessly until the new one came out. Don’t get me wrong, change is needed and I am happy that brave is moving forward, but the transition wasn’t smooth.

It is working right now. If I will be able to reproduce Ledger issue I will take a screenshot and paste it here. In short the wallet wanted me to authorise the device which was not listed in the pop up window. There was some other message but I ignored it. Browser was restarted, ledger was reconnected. That was done in multiple configurations and nothing worked.

I found the activity tab and the history. Looks great!

Thanks a lot for help! The community and the support was always perfect. Let me get back to you when the issue will be back.


I can’t find any pattern when it happens but it happened the same day after my last reply.

I am still using the wallet and I noticed that it fetches the data really slowly. In comparison with other wallets data that show up on websites have significant latency. Plus I can see it every time I click the wallet. Until my balance show up it takes a second or two (this is ages!).

Additionally I wanted to list some NFT on and I just couldn’t. Other wallets (metamask, block wallet) worked fine. Contrary to brave support, tofu support is sh… not so good, and I didn’t get any response for the issue. I attached screenshots of both cases.

In all wallets quite some time takes for each wallet to estimate gas fees (mostly in bsc those times are the longest). Until this is estimated confirm button is greyed out. Brave does it slightly faster than the other ones but I noticed that I can click the button before those fees are estimated. Maybe that was the problem? Or maybe I am making something up. I will test this further.

Thanks for help.

Wallet cannot find ledger

NFT listing

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 07.49.26

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Quick follow up on previous post about being able to confirm before gas price is fully estimated. What we can see is we have gas fee in BNB but after a second it will show also price in $. I don’t know if price in BNB changed but I think when I confirm too early something is going wrong.

At the moment I am waiting for everything to show up and then I am confirming the transactions. It works fine that way.

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