IPFS Companion and User Privacy

I am new to Brave and enjoying it thus far. IPFS is also new to me, but I understand it conceptually on a basic level. I am interested in contributing to the general decentralization of the internet and therefore, I am happy to act as a local IPFS node.

I hope my question is appropriate here.

My inquiry relates to privacy. I have searched the Brave community, Reddit, IPFS project, and read articles on other sites. One item I cannot seem to understand, or find a specific answer to, relates to user privacy for those of us who want to act as a local node.

When IPFS Companion is enabled, is it safe for users to access their banking/credit cards/other financial institutions? I am wondering if account information or web pages accessed is somehow stored on the node. I guess this answer is no - since these financial systems are not (yet) using IPNS addressing. I am assuming IPNS would never be used for individual financial account access, but I could be wrong.

I appreciate your time reading and responding to this topic. Thanks!

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