Brave Wallet Infura usage and alternative

Description of the issue:

MetaMask got harsh cirtic for using infura as they log IPs and trace user transactions.

I finally got the time to check if brave was using this service too.
To my very big surprise yes Brave does and their “solution” seems to be to proxy the request?!?!
My Expectations would be changing the RPC service to a non longing one while still proxying.
Better setup their own service an give their RPC link or at least inform users and give them a option to choose.

Pretty much every single website/service logs your IP. It’s not a sensitive data at all.

Good points.

But, there has to be a reason by everyone uses Infura, it probably has the least downtime among all RPC providers.

Yes it is a sensitive data. That is why a lot of ‘privacy freaks’ use VPN, Tor all time to avoid leaking their IP.

I think the concerning part with Metamask/Infura debacle is them selling the data not for advertizing but to chainanalysis. (literally what I was thinking).

If you do know what chainanalysis is, it is the tool that three letter government agencies use to pin point north korean cryptocurrency hackers.

It’s not a sensitive data for one very good reason: it’s extremely easy to spoof.

Hey guys,

I get your point to some degree.
Yes for Internet communication you will always need an IP that you will communicate.
But for example a lot of Services related to the darknet and hidden services like do not store more than needed and or purge all logs as soon as possible.
So if possible the service should purge his logs as fast as possible or do not store some in the first place which is not unheard of even if for now only 0,1% of all websites operate that way.

But we are not talking about websites we are talking about ethereum so more about a financial service.
Linking IPs and transactions in a public blockchain is not a good thing in no way.
Also the massive usage of infura is re-centralizing the whole distributed blockchain idea.
We are not only talking about the IP but also the analysis of transaction data.

Brave wallet users can change the default RPC node here brave://settings/wallet/networks.

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