Is Brave VPN still good on older OS and versions of Brave?

So…if the shields aren’t effective, is paying monthly for the firewall+VPN a waste of money? I don’t like Windows, and I’d like to get away from Apple…but the way things are, I have to use what I have.


@GuardianTeam would y’all know the answer to this? OP here had posted on a topic about how High Sierra and El Capitan are losing support by Apple and how Brave will no longer be offering new updates to their devices.

I know we say that Brave Firewall + VPN helps trackers and everything. But would it be able to work completely with no issues on older OS and browser versions?

Guess I can also tag in @steeven and @Mattches to see if they have any additional feedback or thoughts.

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Once Microsoft or Apple are not offering security updates to an OS and effectively not supporting the OS anymore, the Brave Firewall + VPN cannot provide guaranteed support of the service. It may work or it may have issues, but our only recommendation would be to update to a supported OS so that we can provide support of the service.

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Competing VPN services are not tied to Apple updates to that degree. I’m happily using ExpressVPN and Bitdefender on my 2015 MacBook Pro that’s running Mojave. From time to time, on the rare occasion that I need a browser-based VPN, I’ll fire up free Windscribe.
Developers often utter that spending thousands of dollars on a new computer is the only answer. Many millions of people simply either do not want to (like me, since I don’t want to buy a Tim Apple all-soldered accelerated-planned-obsolescence monstrosity that will become e-waste sooner than it should and loses support much sooner than pre-2016 iterations according to an ARSTechica 2022 report) or cannot afford to.


Thank you. I am saddened to lose Brave. I have Mac OS 10.13.6 High Sierra, Chrome. I’m paying for Brave Firewall+VPN for nothing now. Guess I’ll be making changes tomorrow. Thanks for the ideas