Is brave playlist an illegal download?

If I download content through Brave Playlist that not allowed to download, is that a violation of the Terms or illegal?
Normally, downloading music or videos would be illegal.

Both illegal and/or violation of terms. The download tool (in this case, Brave Playlist) doesn’t affect the legality of it. It’s illegal if it’s copyrighted or not of an open license. It also most likely violates the video streaming site’s terms and conditions.

Thank you for your answer.

if so, Is this playlist that shows up at 00:13 illegal? :sweat_smile:

We can’t see anything, you should screenshot it or provide a link to the video/audio source

“Drake - Hotline Bling” appears to be copyrighted, not openly licensed music.

shrugs I’m not a lawyer, perhaps there’s a legal loophole where Brave can claim this is just “caching”, not downloading and redistribution.

I don’t think you’ll get in trouble for using Brave Playlist though, even if it does turn out to be illegal. Individuals are not worth pursuing.

Take a look at the FAQs section.

Audio and Video can be saved for offline mode, for playback when you don’t have internet, but they cannot be downloaded and moved to a separate device.

When you add an item to your playlist, Brave makes that item available for offline playback. The item is temporarily saved to your iPhone or iPad in a format that can only be used by the Brave Media Player.

You are not violating anything.


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