Is Brave going to refund lost tokens?

Is Brave going to refund lost tokens?? When Brave is going to fix it?

I hope so. I didn’t get paid last month and someone magically stole tokens from my exodus wallet. They sent ETH gas to my account and removed them.

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Yeah, weird thing mate. I’ve noticed, that tokens magically disappear when cryptocurrencies go up…Brave claims it’s some kind of glitch :wink: They’ve been trying to fix it for good few months and still they are not able to fix it lol,… well, so unprofessional. I wouldn’t hold any assets on their wallets. Looks like it’s more safe to hold cryptoes even on normal stock exchange than on uphold or other brave’s wallet. I like Brave less and less everyday…Take care buddy, I hope soon you will get all your assets back.

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