Brave tokens disappeared - ?????

Dear Brave Support,

On 21/11/22 I connected my Brave account to Uphold. Shortly after doing so, the Brave rewards I earned in October/November (26.5 BAT, statement attached) disappeared from my account. No action taken on my part caused this outcome i.e. I did not attempt to move the tokens.

The BAT tokens are neither in my Brave wallet nor my Uphold wallet and I see no pending transactions. Issues such as these undermine your entire offering, why would anyone continue to use brave if the tokens they earn mysteriously disappear? I expect the brave tokens I have earned to be returned to my account. Please instruct me on the steps required to achieve this outcome.

Kind regards

Typically when you do this, the balance then reduces from your browser and is sent to the account you linked. Often it arrives within 24 hours, but it can sometimes be delayed to the next payout date, which is around the 8th of the month.

Of course they won’t be. Rewards NEVER goes to Brave Wallet. They are two different things (at least for now). If you’re meaning to say that it isn’t showing up on your Rewards balance, then that’s understandable based on how things can work, which I answered in the prior quote.

You usually don’t see much. I mean, on monthly payouts you’ll see something like:

New Tab - Brave 12_5_2022 17_38_33

Well, you have two options where it comes down to patience.

  1. You can wait and see if it will arrive when normal payments, which begins in a couple days.

  2. Since it’s already been more than a week, which is unusual, go ahead and submit a Rewards Support Ticket

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