Is Brave encouraging land-fill waste?

Brave, like other browsers in recent years, seem obsessed with marching forward at great speed with new updates; this they have all learned from Apple’s policy of built-in obsolescence; i.e. rush into the future leaving your customer’s hrdware behind. It’s great if you can buy a £2000 computer every 3 years just so that you can use the new OS. Now, even the browser wants you to buy a new machine, so you can keep up with security updates (a line of code). Never mind you who have perfectly good machines that work with all your paid for software, but the corporates will not ensure that security updates are available for long, even though it would be trivial to ad a line of code for that particular edition of the browser. Instead, we are expected to throw our “old” machines onto the scrap heap after a few year just because these corporates will insist that you keep on their treadmill: "Version Update not available; Please updat your OS. But what if the OS is no longer supported after 3 years or 5 years? How big does the waste heap on landfil need to be before these corporate decide to save the planet from their osbsessive uptating/built-in obsolescence policy? Talk about irresponsible. Small security updates to older browsers would be trivial to implement and would go a long way to preventing environmental polution of thousands of compter being discarded for the sake of a little common sense in coding software. Not everyone cares to put the “latest” features before usability of the machines they currently own OR BEFORE THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF OBSOLESCENCE. A bit of code is all it takes. Big Co.Brave, Big Co.Apple! Come on boys (and you can bet it is mainly boys)!

What’s the feature request?

In any case, I think the answer may be: Linux

The feature request is “FUNCTIONALITY” on more than JUST the latest machines.

You can’t update Brave on your OS?
What’s your OS?

My daily driver is an HP Elitebook 840 G2 from 2015. I have older machines I run Brave on, but I run Linux. Is your gripe regarding MS-Windows?

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No, I have mac OS, £8000 worth of software I don’t want to purchase again. I need a browser that won’t keep telling me I can’t update or can no longer have a security update because the OS needs to be updated JUST ton run the bleeping browser. It’s getting costly. It’sgetting costly for the planet, throwing all this hardware away every few years just to follow the corporates over the cliffs of Dover, metaphorically speaking. Linux is ok if you only want to code. But not if you have invested in your expensive software and hardware for production graphics. All we need is one chap in his office to write a few bleeping lines of code so that us mugs who have invested in this hardware can continue to use it securely when they need to be online.

Ahh, the other even more closed garden. I feel for you, really.

I know a lot of people who had issues similar to yours, but I wasn’t aware that Brave refused to update on an outdated version of OSX. I just read their announcement about it (here, really short on info) and a little bit more about it here.

I believe it really stems from Apple, not so much Brave or even the Chrome/Chromium dev teams. Apple says it’s not supported, and everyone follows suit, with justifications like this:
With no official support from Apple, maintaining _____ for obsolete operating systems becomes costly for us and dangerous for users.

I do see a few alternatives suggested, if that helps in any way. Specifically, chromium-legacy seems like it will work for a while, but I am assuming the install procedure might be a barrier to entry.

There’s also mentioned, but I have no experience with it, just see that it’s an option.

I suspect Firefox will remain compatibility with older macOS version, too–wait, only for another year or so.

Lastly, you can still use Safari, right (or did they cut you off there as well)?

Good luck with your machine. I’m sure it’s perfectly capable of browsing the internet, but if it’s 10+yrs old, you may find yourself having to get more creative

Thank you, but I’m not a novice looking for advice. I am making a suggestion that Big Co Brave be brave enough not to follow in the footsteps of Apple and allow for only short windows of software viability. Once upon a time, Apple and others would post universal security updates alongside their latest OS releases and make them backwards compatible for several previous OS releases, not just the minor, incremental versions. Then they started to roll out 18 monthly updates as if they expected everyone to hop aboard the rollercoaster into the faster and faster helterskelter and the thrill of leaving all their customers behind in their breakneck madnes to be ahead at all cost even if it meant not stoping for breath or letting anyone get off or escape so as to pause just for a breather. phew! But then here come Firefox in at the gate, faster than even Apple with yearly versions and daily updates: keep up up everybody, if you don’t like it get a new machine, dump the old one keep upp with us, F the planet and just dump it on landfill; it’'ll go to Nigeria anyway, where of course nobody can see the mountain of waste on that stinking landfill site. So, just saying, I though BRAVE might be well, BRAVE and follow some more sensible and reposnible policy.
Just a thought.

I agree completely. Your hardware was purchased to own, and not under the expectation that Apple would effectively take it away from you when they felt like it. Unfortunately, that’s what more and more manufacturers are doing. Even simple things like clothes washers or garage door openers can stop working or refuse to work as they did when purchased.

There’s really only one way away from the greed of corporate/private software: Free/Open software and operating systems.

I hope there’s a solution for you to keep using your expensive software tools, friend. Good luck.

Wow, what an emotional guy!

As the replying gentleman already informed you, your problem is NOT Big Co Brave, but Big Tech Apple… & sorry to say, you’re gonna have HUGE problems with Apple hardware, especially with your expectations of said Apple Big Tech company.

They’ve CHANGED DRASTICALLY over the last few years. I used to have a Macbook Pro. Can’t afford Apple anymore. But wouldn’t touch ANY Apple hardware with a barge pole anymore anyway. Politically they’re probably the WORSE Big Tech company in the US.

Good luck to you Sir… You’re gonna need it…

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Emotional? Read the point again, perhaps. The style of the post was intended to be analogous, as in breathless, at break-neck speed, almost too fast to catch, homologous to the topic at issue.

It’s not an “Apple” issue, its a management issue besetting all these gravy-train Corporates who force us to keep up with their wasteful schedules and to increase our consumption at the rate of their obsolescence cycles.

OMG, I’ll repeat… good luck to you, man.

You’re gonna need it…