Updates Brave for Mac Mojave

I am furious ! How come Brave announces that because I’m on Mac Mojave and not on Catalina, Brave will no longer be updated!!! First Catalina has many imperfections so there is no question of installing it and then there is worse: Brave prides itself on being safe, but everyone knows that applications that are not updated are vulnerable to viruses.
Well done… I’m switching to Firefox… too bad!

@pascal1 because your operating system has reached end of life support. Once Apple, Microsoft, Linux, etc decides that operating systems are too old, then they stop providing security updates and all companies stop making products for it. Each operating system has a different set of code and requirements necessary. To keep something like a web browser going on older operating systems would take a lot of time, money, and effort. And with the 1-3% or less of people who use these older operating systems, there’s no reason to spend all that time, money and effort.

Yes, Firefox is going on longer than others for whatever reason. But they will be stopping support for Mojave next year. https://support.mozilla.org/es/kb/firefox-users-macos-1012-1013-1014-moving-to-extended-support

Apple stopped providing updates for Catalina back in November. So wouldn’t do you much better anyway. You would need to be using Big Sur, Monterey, or Ventura…with Ventura being the latest.

Hello and thank you for your answer.

Yes, it’s the world of money and profit: Mac provided Catalina which causes many problems on a computer like mine which is 10 years old…, this Catalina which, as you say, will no longer be up to date.

I understand your position, but not that of Mac who, you say, wants to force us on board Monterey for example. But these new machines are way too expensive and useless by me who don’t need speed. In addition if I had to change it would be for an iMac like mine reconfigured with a system even older than Mojave.

I’m not saying this for you but for Mac, but it’s the “money” first!

So I’m going to continue with my old iMac, with my old Mojave and Brave, all without updates until the day a virus comes to destroy everything or I’ll be dead before, I’m 84 years old!

Good day

Pascal de Gosselin

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