Is Brave caught in the BigTech war on truth?

Today when I launched Brave the toolbar is not showing. The only sites I can access are those accessible by clicking on the “restore sites that were open on last shutdown” option, which displayed when I launched it. Has Brave been degraded in some way by big tech caving into demands of the left-wing lynch mob? I have of course closed and relaunched it, but to no effect. I will try a reinstall later, but that is a big hassle. Admittedly, I can’t see an obvious way that a browser could be rendered partially inoperable, rather than being blocked altogether.

There’s no enough information about your issue. 🤷

You should provide some example URLs of the sites you were unable to access.


If your browser unexpectedly closed, when re-open it’ll ask if you would like to restore the windows/tabs from the last saved session. Depending on the crash, sometimes not perfect restore. But it gives the user the option not to restore or show the last browser session tabs.

Most browsers do some form of browser session saving/restoring, no politics involved.

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There is no way that Brave is restricting access to sites. Who is doing your DNS? I’d look there first. Then I’d look at your internet ISP (i.e. Comcast, ATT, etc.)

“Left-wing lynch nob?”

I suggest that if you want people smarter and more experienced than you to help you that you keep your personal political and racial biases out your postings here.


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