Is brave ads screened for phishing?

Is Brave recruiting for Android VPN Volunteer? Is this ads legit? Is Brave ads generally get screened for phishing or other hacks? How safe should I feel interacting with Brave ads?

I recently got an ads from Brave browser, asking for Brave Android VPN Beta volunteer but the form is hosted on survey site. Now I’m >< this close to input everything but I decide to come and ask community first. I mean, I don’t see this notice on official web. I don’t see why they don’t post recruitment there, and use ads instead. I’m worried that this might be a phishing ploy. So, does the community know about this if it is legit form from Brave?

That ad is legit. They have done announcements on twitter, reddit, on the weekly community calls. They also chose to do with brave ads for some reason.

The survey is also legit. Also, the information you add in the survey is only 5-6. All of they are non-identifiable except for your email address.

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