Brave Specific Filter Whitelist Aplication

Distinguished Brave Team,

This is a request from Crust Network.

Crust Network ( is a decentralized storage network based on IPFS and Substrate (Polkadot ecosystem), and our Crust Apps (a Dapp of Crust Network, you can check this: basically provides decentralized IPFS Pin services.

It is great to know Brave is an IPFS integrated browser, and we are glad to recommend Brave to our users. Our apps use ipfs-http-client to communicate with local IPFS nodes or brave IPFS nodes.

But when we used Brave to explore Crust Apps, we found that Brave Shield would intercept the connection request of from our Apps, and users need to manually close Brave Shield for normal use. As mentioned earlier, Crust is an incentive layer built on IPFS. Many of our users are using Brave to access IPFS but to do this they have to manually close Brave Shield or add @@||^$ to “brave://adblock”. In order to improve the experience of our common users, we hope Brave could add us to the white-list.

Currently, Crust is running a preview network “Maxwell” and has got 1000+ nodes joined in to provide IPFS storage ( Besides, Crust is open source ( We would appreciate it very much if you could approve our application.

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no) Yes

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off? Yes

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no): No

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome? Yes.

Logged a issue report for this:

Thx :love_you_gesture:

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