Ipados 16 keyboard overlap

Ipad keyboard overlapping on side view on iPadOS 16

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. literally just turn sideways
  2. Tap on the search bar

Expected result:
Keyboard be normal again cuz it hard to type like this

Brave Version 1.40 ipad:

Mobile Device details
Ipad air 5
Additional Information:

IpadOs 16 beta 2

Can you post a screenshot? I do not see it on an iOS 16 simulator

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I don’t know if it ipadOs fault or browser fault because it very buggy with thai keyboard since I added thai to ipad keyboard it start to be buggy for example when I switch to thai keyboard in discord I literally can’t change back to english I had to switch app to change it back to English. Sorry if it OS fault and not the browser fault
Sorry if my english is poor it’s my second language
Also thank you for replying!

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no problem :slight_smile: looks like an Apple bug, Brave app does not control the display of the keyboard, we can only ask iOS to show the keyboard, can’t control the layout

We will keep an eye on this one though

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Alright cool thank you very much!!

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