Nytimes Wordle game play issue

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1.playing Wordle
2.I’ve been playing for over a month with no problems
Starting Aug 25th I am unable to type the 5th letter as the keyboard becomes disabled. Game works fine in Safari.
I have restarted my iPad, closed the page and reopened it, closed Brave, all to no avail.

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On further checking, this issue seems to only affect my iPad as everything works fine on my iPhone.

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On my iPad just recently (late August 2022) in Wordle the bottom row on the onscreen keyboard doesn’t work well, the bottom row keys don’t respond to taps unless near the very top of the key. The keys in the other rows are fine, and this doesn’t happen in Safari. (I have no problem with the fifth letter in particular, it’s just a matter of which row is being used on the onscreen keyboard.)

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Which keyboard issue? Just trying to solve it here; This is what I’m getting

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The bottom row keys (enter, z, x, etc) don’t accept taps on my iPad, unless they are tapped at the very top of the little box. I use my iPad in vertical mode, if that makes a difference. Like the OP noted this just started a few days ago.

Hi, I can confirm there is a bug where bottom area of iPad on 1.42 does not register touches.
We have a fix ready for next release, sorry for that


It’s fixed on the public beta build https://testflight.apple.com/join/Trcbh1o3
Coming to the app store build soon


This also happens for me on mobile youtube when I’m trying to tap the ‘library’ icon at the bottom of the screen

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