Ipad youtube on Brave playlist missing scrollbar

IPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen
IOS 13.3.1
Brave 1.15 (
Webpage: YouTube

I can’t scroll playlists in youtube.


  1. using Brave, browse to YouTube.
  2. Login to see playlist
  3. Select a playlist with a significant list of items in it (here is mine: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FLVQ5V6VzAFw0BiebUI59ZWw)
  4. Select the playlist such that it will begin playing first item.
  5. Notice on right, the play list.
  6. Try to select an item not visible on the list by scrolling. On my screen, there is no way to scroll.

Bonus Points: I see no reason my playlist cannot be the entire page height instead of a subset with “recommendation” time videos below the playlist, but this could be youtube.

Double Bonus: Being able to play a playlist from the “full list view” without leaving it wouldn’t be horrible either.

Expected Results: I would expect to be able to scroll the play list to decide what to listen to. Honestly, I see no reason to “edit” the list in the “view” page. On the Full List page sure, but to each their own. Really, just need to be able to scroll the list.

Thank you in advance for your attention, effort and the best browser I’ve ever used.

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