Brave shields cause inverted colors on iOS

Brave shields cause inverted colors on iOS. All inverted colors are disabled on iOS settings. I can sometimes fix this by toggling shields on/off but not always.

What gives? Why do Brave shields cause inverted colors?

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Usually doesn’t. What you might be doing is having Night Mode toggled on. That can change colors on websites.

Hello @bandlerchandler, thank you for reaching us out. Do you have night mode on? In your iOS settings, do you have classic invert or smart invert enabled? This seems to be a known issue, please check the answer in this thread:

Hope it helps. Regards.

@Jarc-1107 Hello Jorge, the colors are inverted in night mode & regular.

Thanks for replying @bandlerchandler, Did you try toggling them OFF/ON to see if that resolves the issue? Also, have you updated to the latest version?

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